Investment Products

With a particular focus on investors and jewelers, INTL HRM A.Ş. offers a wide range of precious metals such as high-quality grams of gold, gold bars, silver bars and precious metal coins. It works with refineries that comply with international production standards in the production of all kinds of precious metals.

Gold Bars

Harem Gold Group, the parent company of INLT HRM A.Ş., is a strong player in the production of gold bars in grams. We produce our own bars bearing our own logo and deliver it to the customer along with the bar’s legal certificate. For the manufacture of gram gold, we collaborate with select gold refineries operating under international standards.

Gram gold bars are guarantee-carrying gold bars that adhere to fixed weight and purity standards. They come in varieties of 1 g, 5 g, 10 g, 20 g, 50 g and 100 g, and at 995.0 or 999.9 level purity.

Silver Bars

In addition to gold bars, INTL HRM A.Ş. also produces silver bars. It provides consumers with silver bar products of a standard weight and purity, carrying its own logo and original designs.

Always aiming to improve with its innovative perspective, INTL HRM A.Ş. is taking bold steps towards becoming a strong international player with the silver coin designs it produces for collectors, as well as investment bar products.